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Providing Holistic Employment Services

For nonprofits as for other businesses, having sound employment policies is important for legal compliance, risk management, recruiting and retaining top talent, and communicating expectations of the workplace to all employees. Nonprofits have a wide range of legal employment requests, and our Employment and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Groups provide holistic services to make sure they are operating efficiently.

For example, KinderSmile Foundation, a nonprofit that provides underserved children and families with access to comprehensive dental care, requested assistance reviewing an employee handbook, drafting a performance improvement plan, and leading a harassment prevention training for all employees. The organization wanted to make sure that its written materials complied with all federal and state employment laws, clearly outlined its expectations for employees, and offered struggling employees an opportunity to improve. Additionally, the organization wanted to reinforce its commitment to a workplace free from unlawful discrimination and harassment by providing separate trainings to managers and employees. Our volunteers drafted materials and delivered the trainings so that employees at every level understood the organization’s policies and the reporting mechanisms in place.

Similarly, the New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children (NJCIC)-a nonprofit that seeks lawful status for immigrant youth and advocates for systemic change in education, access to justice, and health equity-needed assistance drafting its employment policies. Having previously helped incorporate NJCIC and secure its tax-exempt status, the firm provided ongoing representation by drafting a volunteer agreement, reviewing and updating the employee handbook, and developing policies for engaging and compensating student interns.

These types of employment assistance help vital organizations succeed in their missions.

KinderSmile Foundation
Photo courtesy of KinderSmile Foundation